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Exposing Evil in the Medical System and Sharing True Health Solutions

Dr. Jana Bru joins Max to talk about health and solutions to the myriad toxins in our lives, not least from the medical system. As a doctor during the Covid plandemic, Jana reveals how she was asked to misdiagnose other causes of death as Covid, and how the medical system and doctors were financially incentivized to push the Covid narrative and toxic vaccines. She exposes the harmful pharmaceutical products that mask symptoms but do not cure diseases. She explains that something bigger is happening on the global stage, and how the globalist agenda is harming us. Jana speaks about true health and covers nutrition, clean supplements, detoxification protocols, exercise, meditation, anti-EMF devices and more.

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How to Overcome Social Engineering and Live our Healthiest Lives

Doug and Max are back to discuss mind control, both individual and collective. They dissect the genocidal global system and the historical basis of social engineering. The duo talk about media, education, medicine, nutrition, cultural programs and the use of fear and repetition in creating a mind controlled collective. The more globalized the world becomes, the less accountability we have for how our food, medicine and goods are produced. Max and Doug finish by sharing solutions for getting back our minds, our health and our freedom.

Restoring our Planet by Gifting Orgonite Globally

Sharon is back to continue the discussion on Orgone energy as a solution to weather warfare and mind control. Orgonite gifting is a solution to frequency control over weather, climate and the human mind. Sharon reminds us that cellphones can alter and insert thoughts as well as deliver fear porn and radiation and offers solutions and advice on how we can hardwire our homes for better health and clearer minds. By breaking down DOR energy we can restore our planet to the balanced garden planet it originally was. The planet is intelligently designed for rain to water the land. Sharon also talks about how DOR creates armoring, such as how plants in deserts develop think outer layers and spines. DOR also armors us emotionally, as Reich stated, we need to overcome the inner emotional desert to overcome the outer. Parasites eventually kill their hosts, so it is incumbent on us to destroy them which can be done by gifting orgonite near the cell towers that grid our planet.
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Exposing the Climate Scam, the Smart City Agenda and Globalism versus Environmentalism

Max and Doug discuss smart cities, the climate change program, food, farming, weather warfare and the impact on human health and freedom. 15-minute cities and the push to digitalize everything, keep people away from nature and have AI control is the opposite of true environmentalism. Max and Doug expose the agenda behind climate change, Covid, fires and other engineered weather disasters which includes genocide, profit and ultimate control of humanity by unelected bureaucrats via global agencies. The duo also discuss farming, nutrition, soil health and how real environmentalism is a symbiosis with nature rather than a digital world with lab grown food and toxic pharmaceuticals and vaccines. The interview ends with solutions on how to become healthy via good nutrition and connection with nature and develop self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.

A look at Child Trafficking, Mind Control and the way back to Wholeness

Max and Cathy discuss a variety of topics, including child trafficking, the movie Sound of Freedom, MKUltra and mind control, the trans-pedophile agenda and grooming of children, the global control structure and infiltration of all agencies and governments, and how to awaken and heal. We can heal from anything, our soul is stronger than genetics. Healing is a revolutionary act in that the Cabal only has as much power as we give them. Censorship is rampant today because the truth is emerging and will set us free. What we are seeing now is not new, what is new is that we are seeing it. Cathy and Max discuss their knowledge from experience as child trafficking survivors and the many ways we can reclaim our true potential and enter into a golden age for humanity.

Dissecting the movie Sound of Freedom and Exposing the ongoing Genocide of Humanity

Joachim Hagopian is back to dissect the movie Sound of Freedom as well as the green agenda, censorship, political controlled opposition, digital ID and currency programs, rising costs of living and the ongoing genocide of humanity. While the Sound of Freedom has brought much needed attention to the issue of child trafficking, Max and Joachim agree there is an agenda to control the narrative. The most glaring issue is the movie does not name the Deep State Satanic Cabal’s global child trafficking network and the massive money made in the trafficking of children. Joachim reveals the big money funders of the movie, including Carlos Slim and the Clinton Foundation. The green agenda is revealed as a method of genocide along with the myriad other ways the deep state is going for the kill. Max and Joachim end with solutions and ideas for how to end this war on humanity and take our power and world back from evil.

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Gays Against Groomers: Opposing the Sexualization, Medicalization and Indoctrination of Children

Max interviews Chris Barrett from the Missouri chapter of Gays Against Groomers in a discussion about how to protect our children from the trans-pedophile agenda sweeping our society. Gays Against Groomers are non-partisan and have worked together with diverse groups in an effort to expose and halt the grooming of children. Max and Chris discuss how this globalist agenda is being piggybacked onto the LGBTQ community, how this is not about the gay community but rather a woke Marxist agenda. Max and Chris reveal the agenda to normalize pedophilia, destroy the family, remove parental rights, reap billions of dollars for the medical-pharmaceutical conglomerate, and mentally, physically and spiritually harm children. Max and Chris highlight the irony of children not being able to vote, drive or make any life decisions and yet can opt to surgically and chemically alter their bodies without parental consent. The duo point out girls and gay youth as being particularly vulnerable to this agenda and how much harm this has done to gay rights, women’s rights and the lives of innocent children.
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Energetic Warfare: Parasitic Entities vs. Orgone Life Force Energy

Sharon Daphna joins Max in a mind-bending discussion about the invisible interdimensional energetic war designed to terraform the Earth and harm it’s inhabitants. Sharon drops truth bombs about the silicon-based AI attack on carbon-based life and the etheric parasites which inhabit the people upholding the control structure here on our planet. Sharon explains Orgone energy and how to make Orgonite to counteract the deadly radiation grid created by cell towers and cell phones, which exist for both weather and mind control. Sharon also delves into the difference between a living human obeying the laws of nature/God versus the artificial legal entity we use to engage in commerce as well as the problems with the sovereignty movement. Sharon has concrete solutions we can use to combat this energetic war devolving human health and consciousness and shares her own activism with Orgonite gifting and the return of normal weather on the West coast and other locations. We can raise our consciousness and clean up our skies and our minds by addressing these energetically.

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Humanity and our Global Transformation

Dale Holmes joins Max in a varied discussion about our planet, humanity and the global initiation we are currently within. Dale grew up questioning reality and began to share his knowledge with others in an effort to help those awakening. Dale and Max discuss the Earth, Spirituality, the Divine and our role as human beings. The duo talk about quantum reality, how we are a fractal of the universe and here to discover our true selves, the role of the heart and the resilience of the human being. Dale and Max agree the dark plan of eugenics and control has not succeeded and we are on an alternate timeline in which light has prevailed.

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Child and Drug Trafficking at the Southern Border of the USA Exposed

🦋 Butterfly is back to talk with Max about trafficking at the Arizona-Mexico border wall. Butterfly has spent months at a time living in a tent at the wall and seen the Cartel and Border Patrol in operation. She describes the cooperation between our current regime and the cartels as they freely allow children and drugs like fentanyl to enter the USA. Butterfly describes how the Mexican cartels raid towns raping and pillaging, kidnapping boys to train as soldiers for MS13 and girls to be prostituted, causing people to flee to the USA. Another cartel has coyotes charging thousands of dollars to get people into the USA, and Butterfly describes seeing Border Patrol and the cartel working together. Children are brought in and then trafficked. Many die and Butterfly estimates 800 thousand go “missing” each year. She has seen child trafficking increase exponentially in this current administration through holes in the wall that are deliberately left open for human and drug trafficking. Max and Butterfly discuss what we can do to end this scourge and our collective responsibility to protect all children.

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Historical and Scientific Evidence of the Global Occult Control Structure, SRA and MKUltra Mind Control

Max interviews researcher, lawyer and hypnotherapist Dr. Marcel Polte on Satanic Ritual Abuse, MkUltra, demonic possession and reptilian beings in a deep dive into the dark agenda. Dr. Polte verifies many survivor accounts with his research and through hypnosis, as well as FOIA requests to the military agencies and CIA. Max and Dr. Polte discuss attempts to silence disclosure via programs such as the false memory foundation and invoking the national security act as well as by threatening and discrediting survivors, therapists and journalists. Topics such as the global cults, NAZI scientists, torture techniques and patterns in creating alters are discussed, as well as the historical and anthropological evidence of both SRA and alien visitors as far back as the cuneiform tablets. The pair finish by discussing how these connect with the current global agenda to sexualize children and solutions to ending the harvesting and dark control over the human race.

The Intersection between Narcissism and Pedophilia

Max and Jaymee are back to discuss how narcissists and pedophiles both see others as objects to be used for their own needs. Jaymee distinguishes between sadistic Satanic pedophilia and immature grooming narcissistic pedophiles and describes what leads the latter group to become predators. The duo discuss how pornography promotes narcissism and pedophilia via creating emotional immaturity, desensitization and a need for more shock value in sexual interactions. Jaymee brings up the rainbow symbology as an end times program representing the Satanic takeover of society. Jaymee and Max shed light on he implications of the current sexualization of children in society and how we are living on a planet with a virus of pedophilia. Jaymee and Max offer insights, solutions and actions we can take to deal with a narcissistic, pedophile and victim identified culture that is harming children and destroying our social norms.

Mark Passio on Natural Law, the Relationship between Morality and Freedom, the Satanic Mindset and the Real 7 Deadly Sins

Max interviews researcher, truth teller and former Satanist Mark Passio as he shares his vast reservoir of knowledge about human consciousness, mind control, the occult and grass roots solutions to our current global situation. Mark describes the Satanic agenda and techniques in keeping humanity in a devolved state of consciousness to more effectively manipulate and control the masses into the condition of slavery we are currently in globally. He describes the Satanic mindset of ego, selfishness and “me” culture and how humanity is in a state of psychological childhood. Mark points out how order followers are the ones creating the problems and incurring the karma for immoral behavior, the pyramid is held up by the bottom layer and how these are facilitating bringing the dark new world order into existence. Mark explains Natural Law and how to create freedom within and without. Max and Mark discuss the importance of shadow work and how to move towards sovereignty, true knowledge, personal responsibility and the importance of taking action to co-create a free and moral society.

Exposing Narcissism

Jaymee joins Max in a rich discussion about what narcissism is, how to identify and deal with a narcissist, how our society is structured to support narcissism and how we can cope with them in our lives. Jaymee defines how narcissists reject their true selves and create an inflated false self that needs other people to constantly reinforce their specialness. Characteristics such as control, narcissistic rage, using others as objects, blaming and using others as supply are aspects of narcissism, and Jaymee and Max explore the connections to sociopathy and psychopathy. The duo also talk about how celebrities model it, how the people in high positions of power embody it and how our current gender ideology is based on it. Jaymee and Max finish by exploring why people become narcissists and how to protect ourselves from being their prey.

The Reality of Child Protective Services and the Court System

Max is joined by Dee, Julia and Rachel in a discussion of Child Protection in Australia. Dee, Rachel and Julia describe how the system routinely kidnaps children and profits financially in doing so. Children are taken by fraud or force and once mothers enter the system, they lose their rights and their children, who are exploited and trafficked by the state. The discussion looks at why we consent to these predatory systems and how those designated to protect children in fact exist to harvest them. The overall Satanic structure and the manipulation of the courts is unmasked. These heroic women talk about their fight to expose these state sanctioned abuses and offer ideas for how to return to morality and protect our most vulnerable.

Global Bystander Apathy: Problems and Solutions

Max and Jaymee discuss the global bystander apathy we find ourselves trapped in currently. The duo explore questions such as why do we consent to a system that abuses, enslaves, impoverishes and controls us? Why do we wait for someone else to address our global problems? Why is society the way it is and why are people so apathetic? How have we come to accept authority in every aspect of our lives, including our bodily autonomy and the sexualization of our children? Jaymee and Max discuss the myriad of immoral laws and violations of our free will and how looking the other way and supporting those who harm us is not going to save us or absolve us from harm. They share solutions we can all implement today in an effort to protect our children and our freedom and create a healthier reality for all of us.

The Global Takeover and Grooming of Humanity: Revelation of the Method and Solutions

Jaymee is back to discuss the overall global agenda seeking to normalize both pedophilia and communism. Jaymee reveals how the Overton window is used to expand the societal acceptance for increasingly predatory policies and practices. The Satanic controllers has always planned on externalizing their hierarchy and openly ruling humanity. We can see the pedophile agenda now openly practiced in the school system, and the medical establishment taking dominion over the human body. Max and Jaymee discuss the transhuman agenda, the war against women, the role of police and military, the use of Orwellian language and increasing hypnotization of the collective into accepting and indeed worshipping their overlords. The duo define the issues and propose solutions and ideas for how to regain our freedom.

The Tide is Turning: The Fall of the Satanic Cabal

Join Max as she speaks to West Point graduate, former mental health counselor, journalist and author Joachim Hagopian about the Cabal and their orchestrated global events in their attempt to create a one world government. Joachim discusses the Covid scam, Hollywood and Satanic priestesses Oprah and Madonna, high ranking Generals, weather warfare, the takeover of the educational system and the attempt to normalize and legalize pedophilia with wit and wisdom. Humanity is in a crisis period and yet Joachim and Max concur we are prevailing in this spiritual war. The Cabal narratives are failing and many are rising up such as the Dutch farmers, the Canadian convoys, parents fighting the sexualization of children in the schools, doctors whistleblowing about the deadly jabs and more. Joachim describes the elites as caged beasts coming full force with engineered disasters, food and fuel shortages and attempts at starting another world war and yet simultaneously awakening the population with their overreach. Joachim is confident that the love, empathy and spirituality of humanity as well as cosmic light and God will prevail and move us towards a better future.

The Global Cult and their Agenda for Humanity: The Cosmic View and our Journey from Victim to Victor

Join Max in an inspirational interview with martial artist, documentary filmmaker and podcaster David Whitehead about the global cult and their sub factions that have created the spiritual war humanity is currently within. David grew up with an insatiable curiosity about how the world operates and studied the warrior tradition. Martial arts helped him learn from his failures and fight for truth, freedom and justice. Max and David discuss how the great trials in our lives help us develop the courage, strength and expertise to become part of the solution. David talks about the cosmic vision, listening to our inner voice and remembering our soul mission. Some questions David explores are how can we build immunity to this cult, what is our true history and how can we use this experience with the dark to move from a victim mindset to a victor mindset.

The Role of Pornography in the Normalization of Pedophilia and Satanism in Society

Max and Jaymee discuss pornography and how the Satanic elite want to create a society where their perversion of the innocence of children is openly practiced and accepted. The duo examine how the destruction of the family, the economy and other deliberate programs have groomed society into the normalization of pedophilia. The current sexualization of children in schools, modeling and art create a numbing effect and pave the way to a reversal of reality where child abuse, rape and harvesting are normalized and accepted. They also explore the perversion of healthy attachment and the existential loneliness that these Satanic inversions have created for people in relationships.

Cabal Symbology and Programming Exposed

Jaymee is back to discuss how imagery and symbols are used to mind control the population and groom humanity into normalizing pedophilia. Max and Jaymee also discuss programs and how humanity is molded into the Satanic agenda. The pair talk about the human psyche and the various methods used via media, education, activism and symbology to subconsciously create an unaware allegiance to a system of control and oppression in the general population. When we begin to see the manipulations it is an important step in freeing our minds and using our free will to make and create a better future.

Normalization of a diseased society with Cat Watters of One Great Work Network

Max and Cat discuss the destruction of the family system and how society has disables us as a collective. The duo discuss what it means to be a healthy person physically, psychologically and spiritually. They explore how the system cripples us and prevents us from rising to our fullest potential, deliberately. They talk about how mental impairment, disease and compliance with abusive authority have become all too normalized in our world today and what we can do to grow into our true power.

History and origins of the psychopathic elite class: How pedophilia undergirds the global control structure

Blurb: Join Max as she interviews West Point graduate, former mental health counselor, researcher and author Joachim Hagopian in a discussion about the spiritual war we are facing and the role of bravery in exposing the attempted genocide of humanity. Joachim describes the history of invasion of our planet by the Annunaki and the global control structure that is responsible for the enslavement and harvesting of the human race and the use of children in blackmail operations. Despite the depth and breadth of deception and evil perpetrated upon us Max and Joachim agree we are winning this war and discuss solutions for moving forward and entering a new age for humanity.

SRA, Trauma, and Mind Control: The global control structure and the enslavement of the human race

Join Max as she interviews expert Jaymee Jay in a discussion about how pedophilia is critical to the global empire and how psychiatry, media, technology and SRA are used to mind control both individuals and the human race. Diverse but interconnected topics such as trauma, parenting, science, research, taxes, disease and more are connected to reveal the larger agenda at play on our planet. The incredible effort to hypnotize and program human beings into disconnection from self and others is discussed and the agenda of the Satanic elite is exposed along with historical figures such as Mengele and Kinsey for their contributions in training people to continue the cycles of abuse that pervade our history. To know our history is essential to our efforts to stop the harvesting of children and co-create a better world for all.

Exposing the Agenda in Public Schools to Sexualize Children and Groom Society into accepting Pedophilia

Join Max as she interviews April Few of United States Parents Involved in Education, a young mother who is working to stop the sexualization and indoctrination of schoolchildren towards pedophilia. Max and April discuss the globalist influence on education and their agenda to sexualize children and destroy the family unit. They discuss the social agenda imposed on teachers and the decline in real learning as well as solutions and resources for parents in alternate schooling methods and ideas.

Rescuing Trafficked Children at the Arizona Border

Join Max as she interviews Butterfly, an American heroine who dedicates her life to rescuing children trafficked through the wall at the Arizona border. Butterfly describes the role of the Mexican Cartels and the U.S. government and how they collaborate to allow this atrocity to occur. Butterfly works with Veterans on Patrol who are an active force against child trafficking along the U.S. and Mexican border. Join us for an in depth look at this issue and for solutions in the war to protect children.