Inner Journey & Healing

Stories, experiences, and lessons of life’s journeys

Trauma, Resilience and Reclaiming our Gifts

Four SRA survivors come together to talk about the gifts they mined from the horrific experiences they endured. We can all step into our fullest potential, reclaim ourselves and reclaim humanity. Max, Rachel, Doug and Cathy talk about enhanced intuition, the ability to self-heal and control over our bodies, extra sensory perception, telepathic abilities, interdimensional experiences, extreme endurance and other abilities honed by trauma. Due to the trauma all four concur about gaining compassion, a sense of mission and the desire to help others. What was pain is transformed into light and these four survivors end with sharing the joy and gratitude they experience in their lives.

Understanding the Difference between 3D, 4D and 5D

Max interviews Penny Kelly in an enlightening discussion about the different dimensions and what reality looks like from each one. Max and Penny begin by discussing personal responsibility and how we all create our own reality. Our frequency and communication can create a negative or loving response in others, and our consciousness level transforms everyone around us. Penny explains the differences between the third, fourth and fifth dimensions in detail and the duo discuss the importance and opportunity we have as a collective in determining our future reality.

Victim Identity vs. Personal Responsibility

Rachel and Doug join Max in a discussion about victimhood being a stage, where we have endured hardship and need to be understood and validated. Staying in victim identity however is a trap, part of the drama triangle of victim-perpetrator-savior, and keeps us powerless and helpless. Being personally responsible for our choices and actions is empowering, staying in victim leads us to further victimization and lowers our frequency. We are currently in a global cult of victimhood and though there are Cabal perpetrators, we have a choice not to give our power away. Victimhood affects the health of our bodies, our chakras and aura. The trio share tools and solutions such as speaking out, affirmations, journaling, therapy, parenting the inner child and asking ourselves how the situation we are in might be for us. Victim identity is a choice and does not serve us in any way. Rachel, Doug and Max share personal stories of how they rose above victimhood and created better lives for themselves.

Energy Healing

Marsha talks with Max about her experience as an energy healer. The duo discuss the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies and how important frequency and our subconscious beliefs are in health and healing. Marsha describes how to see your body as already healed and how we transcend time during the process of healing. Both agree healers are facilitators, in alignment with Source, to get people started in integration with their own inner wisdom and heart connection. Marsha discusses theta healing, rife technology, deprogramming and reprogramming subconscious beliefs, solfeggio frequencies, tuning forks, psychic surgery and how to identify patterns from past lives and in utero experiences

The Resilience of the Human Spirit: How We can Heal, Thrive and Join Together to Protect Children

Rachel, Doug and Max are back to discuss resilience and the ways they survived and thrived despite being victims of pedophilia and ritual abuse. A spiritual connection, books, finding snippets of love wherever possible and an inner defiance and refusal to be destroyed are some of the things that kept these survivors going. We all have free will and it is a choice to heal ourselves and stand up to the abuse of children going on today in our world. Compliance will not keep us safe and those who have made it through child abuse are not going to look the other way and allow these practices to harm our children, who are our future. The trio discuss solutions and encourage all of us to stand up to evil, defend the innocent and fulfill our potential as human beings.

The Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Process of Death and Dying

Join Max and Marsha in a rich discussion about the dying process. Marsha describes her journey with caring for her brother in his last weeks on earth. She talks about being a caretaker of his physical needs, the emotional ups and downs and the decisions necessary after death. Marsha describes her struggles and also the beauty of witnessing her brother cross over. We are not our bodies, and death is a transition rather than an ending. The death process brings home the truth that we are souls and that we are always connected to our source and each other.

The Global Transition: Exploring the Difficulties and Solutions to Creating a New Earth

Max and Penny are back to discuss the global transition we are currently within and the impact of governments and corporations crumbling. They discuss how the control structure has kept our consciousness low and solutions to how we can evolve our consciousness towards creating the world we want. The duo share ideas about how we can help each other awaken and heal so we are able to rise to higher dimensions. Our starvation of consciousness has thwarted our natural human development and Penny shares her wisdom on how we can create a new fabric of life and transition into the new earth.

Inner Journey with Doug & Rachel: Family Abuse, Resilience and Recovering Ourselves

Doug and Rachel join Max in a discussion about their families of origin. The trio discuss sexual abuse, boundary issues, dysfunctional familial patterns and how the past has informed our adult choices and issues. The resilience of the human spirit and the willingness to take responsibility for healing have led them to create new patterns with their own children and meaningful lives. Max, Doug and Rachel compare the journey of the abused child to the human journey of recovering from the abusive power and control structure with great hope for our collective resilience, recovery and ability to co-create a beautiful new way forward for the human family

The Key to Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health

Join Max as she talks with Penny about nutrition and how the foods we eat create our overall health and well-being. Discover the fascinating work of Winston Price on indigenous nutrition, how exercise is so important for our electrical body and how critical water is to our health. Penny shares her wisdom and knowledge of how to live our fullest life and disengage from the aging process and the habits that keep us ill and in lower consciousness.

The subconscious mind’s influence on self-sabotage

Join Max as she interviews Dylan Charles of Waking Times. Dylan and Max discuss the subconscious and its influence on our self-sabotaging behaviors. Dylan talks about his journey overcoming addiction and trauma and how he became a coach to help others with tools on how to let go of our lower states of consciousness and find our courage and healing so we can live our lives with purpose.

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Trauma and the Nervous System

Max and Jana talk about trauma and the nervous system with a focus on healing and recovery. These two mental health professionals draw from their work with trauma as well as their own experiences in a rich discussion about being triggered, addressing our wounding and various therapies that can assist with healing from trauma both collective and individual.

Stages of Spiritual Development

Penny is back to discuss the anatomy of consciousness and the traps that keep us from achieving our potential. Penny discusses the stages of development for human beings and what happens when we are prevented from evolving naturally. She also shares how food and water have consciousness and how our interaction with nature can help us grow. Max and Penny open up new ideas for how to rise past our traumas and co-create a wonderful new paradigm for our earth and ourselves.

Trauma and Consciousness

Penny Kelly shares her experience of Kundalini awakening and explains states of consciousness and how these create different realities. She talks about enlightenment, dreams, dimensional travel, and the various frequencies we inhabit. Penny and Max discuss what being psychic means, how everything we think and put in our mouths affects our consciousness and the state of pure awareness and bliss as we merge with Source. This talk is instrumental in all of us taking responsibility for our state of consciousness and how we use this as the way forward into a new earth.

True Chiropractic Healing of the Brain and Nervous System

Max and Dr. Force talk about real health and share tools and tips for how to create a healthy balanced life. Dr. Force is a chiropractic physician who sees health holistically and is versed in Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and cranial sacral work. Discover how the brain and nervous system can be healed to give us our best life.

Shame as a Tool of Oppression

Max and Rachel discuss Shame and how it has been engineered by Dark Forces as a tool of oppression and control. These ladies talk about their individual struggles with shame as well as how religion and society use shame and place it on the victim rather than the perpetrators. They also talk about the difference between shame and guilt and how they have been able to heal the shame inside them.