Stories of Unbreakable Survivors and Helpers from around the world


SRA survivor Laura: Her Story and Recovery

Join Max as she interviews SRA survivor Laura Worley in a discussion about how MKUltra, Monarch and NWO programming are used to create mind control compartments in survivors. Laura describes her roles as a messenger and breeder and how she was used among well known politicians. Laura describes her journey of healing and her work helping others recover in this time when many survivors are waking and exposing what the Cabal has done to all of humanity.

Rescuing Trafficked Children at the Arizona Border

Join Max as she interviews Butterfly, an American heroine who dedicates her life to rescuing children trafficked through the wall at the Arizona border. Butterfly describes the role of the Mexican Cartels and the U.S. government and how they collaborate to allow this atrocity to occur. Butterfly works with Veterans on Patrol who are an active force against child trafficking along the U.S. and Mexican border. Join us for an in depth look at this issue and for solutions in the war to protect children.

Trauma and the Nervous System

Max and Jana talk about trauma and the nervous system with a focus on healing and recovery. These two mental health professionals draw from their work with trauma as well as their own experiences in a rich discussion about being triggered, addressing our wounding and various therapies that can assist with healing from trauma both collective and individual.

SRA Survivor Rachel: Her Story and Recovery Part 1

Max Lowen interviews Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor Rachel Vaughan about her experiences at the hands of her father, a known child murderer, and pedophile from Adeleide, Australia. These brave survivors reveal much about the elite and the horrific abuses perpetrated on children globally and shine a light on the resilience of the human spirit, how we heal, and the upcoming golden age for humanity.

Shame as a Tool of Oppression

Max and Rachel discuss Shame and how it has been engineered by Dark Forces as a tool of oppression and control. These ladies talk about their individual struggles with shame as well as how religion and society use shame and place it on the victim rather than the perpetrators. They also talk about the difference between shame and guilt and how they have been able to heal the shame inside them.