Stories of Unbreakable Survivors and Helpers from around the world


Underground Child Trafficking Network of Tunnels Exposed in Adelaide

Rachel Vaughan bravely exposes the network of underground tunnels in Edwardstown, a suburb in Adelaide where she grew up. One of the entrances to these tunnels was directly from the cellar in Rachel’s childhood home. Her father often took her into the underground bunker and tunnels to sexually abuse and torture her along with other children in order to make child pornography. Rachel shares a story about a young girl who went missing that her father held in these tunnels and later murdered. Her father was a mass murderer and many were brutalized and lost their lives in these underground horror chambers. Rachel provides compelling evidence for the existence of these tunnels and shares why it is important to expose these, considering tunnels like these exist everywhere around the world and are how children are trafficked and tortured globally.

The Role of Pornography in the Normalization of Pedophilia and Satanism in Society

Max and Jaymee discuss pornography and how the Satanic elite want to create a society where their perversion of the innocence of children is openly practiced and accepted. The duo examine how the destruction of the family, the economy and other deliberate programs have groomed society into the normalization of pedophilia. The current sexualization of children in schools, modeling and art create a numbing effect and pave the way to a reversal of reality where child abuse, rape and harvesting are normalized and accepted. They also explore the perversion of healthy attachment and the existential loneliness that these Satanic inversions have created for people in relationships.

Sex Trafficking Survivor Anneke Lucas: Her Story and Recovery

Anneke was sold into the Network at age 6 by her mother and was sex trafficked among the European Elite. She was mind controlled via torture and groomed to service VIP men and women and identify their weaknesses for blackmail and control. Anneke’s healing through psycho-therapy, writing, yoga and meditation were synthesized during a decade of service with incarcerated populations and with survivors of sex trafficking inside and outside of prisons.

Laura’s Story: Her Struggle De-transitioning and Healing from the Trans Agenda

Laura describes her difficulties growing up as a child who was different, artistic and on the autism spectrum. She suffered from depression, suicidality and substance abuse and when she sought help was encouraged to transition to a male as a solution. She found an alternative community on social media and fell prey to gender ideology. She was prescribed testosterone at age 18 and had a double mastectomy at age 20, which exacerbated her issues and led to her de-transitioning and now speaking out about her experiences. Laura is a brave and articulate young woman who has transcended her trauma and found meaning in her life. She shares her story in hopes of preventing other young people who are struggling with falling prey to irreversible hormonal and surgical interventions. Laura is an inspiration in her quest to heal herself and use her experiences to help other young people who may be lost and seeking guidance.

SRA Survivor Lisa: Her Story and Recovery

Join Max as she talks with Lisa about SRA, MK-Ultra and how she dealt with repressed memories. They explain flashbacks, nightmares, dissociation, recovered memories and balancing recovery with daily life. Lisa and Max discuss having been overachievers, feeling crazy as new memories flood in and how to juggle the enormity of the abuse endured. The pair end with describing the various methods of healing and the role of God in restoring them to life.

SRA and MK-Ultra survivor Cathy O’Brien: Exposing Pedophilia and the NWO agenda

Join Max and Cathy in a discussion about Pedophilia and MK-Ultra mind control as individual and societal programming into the New World Order agenda. Cathy names politicians engaged in her abuse and the role of sexual abuse and trauma in enslaving the human mind. Max and Cathy discuss the global agenda and how politics, the medical-pharmaceutical cartel, the economy, religions, Hollywood, media and educational systems all contribute to mass indoctrination. Cathy discusses solutions and recovery and the pair finish with high hopes for the current rising of truth, healing and the human spirit. For more information on Cathy O’Brien https://www.trance.movie https://trance-formation.com and @RealCathyOBrien on Twitter

SRA, Trauma, and Mind Control: The global control structure and the enslavement of the human race

Join Max as she interviews expert Jaymee Jay in a discussion about how pedophilia is critical to the global empire and how psychiatry, media, technology and SRA are used to mind control both individuals and the human race. Diverse but interconnected topics such as trauma, parenting, science, research, taxes, disease and more are connected to reveal the larger agenda at play on our planet. The incredible effort to hypnotize and program human beings into disconnection from self and others is discussed and the agenda of the Satanic elite is exposed along with historical figures such as Mengele and Kinsey for their contributions in training people to continue the cycles of abuse that pervade our history. To know our history is essential to our efforts to stop the harvesting of children and co-create a better world for all.

Exposing the Agenda in Public Schools to Sexualize Children and Groom Society into accepting Pedophilia

Join Max as she interviews April Few of United States Parents Involved in Education, a young mother who is working to stop the sexualization and indoctrination of schoolchildren towards pedophilia. Max and April discuss the globalist influence on education and their agenda to sexualize children and destroy the family unit. They discuss the social agenda imposed on teachers and the decline in real learning as well as solutions and resources for parents in alternate schooling methods and ideas.

SRA survivor Laura: Her Story and Recovery

Join Max as she interviews SRA survivor Laura Worley in a discussion about how MKUltra, Monarch and NWO programming are used to create mind control compartments in survivors. Laura describes her roles as a messenger and breeder and how she was used among well known politicians. Laura describes her journey of healing and her work helping others recover in this time when many survivors are waking and exposing what the Cabal has done to all of humanity.

Rescuing Trafficked Children at the Arizona Border

Join Max as she interviews Butterfly, an American heroine who dedicates her life to rescuing children trafficked through the wall at the Arizona border. Butterfly describes the role of the Mexican Cartels and the U.S. government and how they collaborate to allow this atrocity to occur. Butterfly works with Veterans on Patrol who are an active force against child trafficking along the U.S. and Mexican border. Join us for an in depth look at this issue and for solutions in the war to protect children.

Trauma and the Nervous System

Max and Jana talk about trauma and the nervous system with a focus on healing and recovery. These two mental health professionals draw from their work with trauma as well as their own experiences in a rich discussion about being triggered, addressing our wounding and various therapies that can assist with healing from trauma both collective and individual.

SRA Survivor Rachel: Her Story and Recovery Part 1

Max Lowen interviews Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor Rachel Vaughan about her experiences at the hands of her father, a known child murderer, and pedophile from Adeleide, Australia. These brave survivors reveal much about the elite and the horrific abuses perpetrated on children globally and shine a light on the resilience of the human spirit, how we heal, and the upcoming golden age for humanity.

Shame as a Tool of Oppression

Max and Rachel discuss Shame and how it has been engineered by Dark Forces as a tool of oppression and control. These ladies talk about their individual struggles with shame as well as how religion and society use shame and place it on the victim rather than the perpetrators. They also talk about the difference between shame and guilt and how they have been able to heal the shame inside them.