Manifesting is creating reality via consciousness. Everything is energy vibrating at different rates, so what appears to be solid matter is actually energy. It seems solid because of the interaction between our consciousness and that energy collapses it into particles. In quantum physics a study was done that showed an observer interacting with a wave of energy caused it to become a particle (matter). Everything is a potential energy that when interacted with creates form. Imagine if you will that energy is like wet clay moving in front of you.

When you have a thought/focus your consciousness it draws some of that wet clay to you and creates the material version of your thoughts. Imagine the whole world as energy, and all of us as shaping that energy into form. We have this power, which is why the Cabal has invested so much in controlling our minds-so that we create a version of reality that they wish. We have a part of our brain-the reticular activating system- that helps us create by narrowing what it takes in based on what we focus on. So if we are focused on creating something and keep that vision/daydream in our minds that part of the brain will assist us by filtering out what is irrelevant to that vision.

To manifest we…

1. Focus, think on, imagine what we want…and we imagine it is already happening. We do not ask for it or we get back asking, we do not wait or we get back waiting…we dream that reality and experience it as already occurring.

2. We FEEL an elevated emotion, like joy or gratitude for that thing we are imagining-we are in the experience feeling how wonderful it is…and 3. we take an action on the physical world towards that dream. That is the formula. What is tricky is 1. our thoughts are scattered and all over the place, manifesting takes focus and repetition of that focus. 2. we must KNOW what we want is absolutely there for us and we are drawing it to us and

3. we need to be aware of our sabotaging subconscious beliefs. The cleaner we are in terms of having done our shadow work, the easier it is to manifest. I would suggest taking time every day to focus on what we wish to create, dream it, journal it, vision board it and think about it with joy and gratitude as often as possible…and don’t forget take action in the world towards that goal.