About Max

Meet Max: survivor, truth teller, healer and advocate for children. Max shares her experiences as a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse, torture and sex trafficking within the Vatican and amongst the globalist elites. Her journey of healing and recovery and her work with trauma survivors illustrate the resilience of the human spirit and is a guide to how all of us can heal ourselves and come together to end the abuse of children forever.

Max is host of UNBROKEN a series that both exposes the truth about the harvesting of children through the testimony of other survivors as well as bringing solutions and stories of resilience and recovery. She is also the director of Child and Family Restoration services, a new global agency devoted to ensuring children and families have the education, resources and help they need to heal, recover and thrive.

Kim Goguen interviews Max

Healing Trauma Returning to Self
United Network News Premiere

Exclusive Interview with Kimberly Goguen and Max from Meet Max, in the first of an exploratory series that covers ritual abuse, trauma, self-reflection and guides us through the journey of healing.

Interviews with Unbreakables

Max interviews courageous survivors as well as healers of various modalities, Unbreakables who have risen up to speak the truth and find solutions for some of the serious issues facing humanity.

Interview with Rachel

Max Lowen interviews Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor Rachel Vaughan about her experiences at the hands of her father, a known child murderer and pedophile from Adeleide, Australia. These brave survivors reveal much about the elite and the horrific abuses perpetrated on children globally

Interview with Nyla

Join Max and Nyla’s conversation about the experiments done on children via the secret space program and the intergenerational passing down of trauma. Nyla reveals the truth behind some of our most cherished holiday rituals and the ways we are all mind controlled. 

Conversations with Max and Mike

Max and Mike team up to discuss topics related to healing, breaking programming and self-mastery. This dynamic duo share tools, solutions and new paradigms that will help humanity move forward in unison as we co-create a new way forward that honors all life on earth.

Breaking the Programming, Healing and Self Mastery

Max and Mike talk about sovereignty and personal responsibility in a conversation about how we can heal ourselves and step into our power. They discuss shadow work, programming and tips and tools for how to use triggers to heal our traumas and raise our frequency.

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Learn the insights of how to break free from the programming and experience self mastery.


In the blog posts Max answers common questions, introduces new teachings and healing discoveries.  You will learn how to master your mental and emotional health,  and how to become an effective creator of your reality. 



We have compiled a list of resources that you can explore in raising consciousness, learning about the nature of our reality,  homeopathy, eastern medicine, meditation, mental healing, self development and many more.