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Max is a global citizen having grown up in various countries and is tri-lingual in Italian, Spanish and English. She is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, torture and trafficking who went on to do her healing work and train in trauma and recovery to help other survivors and those trapped in the cycle of violence. Max created a show called Unbroken where she interviews survivors, truth warriors, healers and teachers. Max integrates the knowledge she has about the global deep state political machine with issues such as child trafficking and trauma-based mind control to help educate people about the global control structure that keeps humanity trapped in cycles of individual and collective trauma and control. Knowing the truth facilitates finding solutions to the myriad of issues facing humanity and Max shares her knowledge about healing and recovery in an effort to assist individuals in looking inward and doing their shadow work. The restoration of humanity and our beautiful planet begins with each individual healing themselves and stepping into their fullest potential and power. Inner awareness of Self and outer awareness of the social engineering and harvesting of humanity and all life on the planet are necessary components to achieving freedom within and without. Max authors articles analyzing the truth behind a variety of geopolitical programs and is currently working on a book about her life as well as creating a trauma training protocol that can facilitate healing for all trauma survivors including those ritually abused. Max is an advocate for children, whom she considers our most precious asset and the future of the human race.


Survivors, Truth Warriors, Inner Journey & Healing. Max interviews courageous survivors as well as healers of various modalities, Unbreakables who have risen up to speak the truth and find solutions for some of the serious issues facing humanity.

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The Unbroken Summit, 1-10 December 2023. Was a diverse group of Truth Warriors, SRA survivors, Doctors, Energy Healers and Forward Thinkers here to explore the issues facing humanity at this crucial time in our history and talk about solutions and actions we can take to restore our Freedom, Health and True Potential as we co-create a new world together.


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Featured Content

Interview with Cathy O’Brien

Unbroken with Max and Cathy O’Brien

Max and Cathy discuss a variety of topics, including child trafficking, the movie Sound of Freedom, MKUltra and mind control, the trans-pedophile agenda and grooming of children, the global control structure and infiltration of all agencies and governments, and how to awaken and heal. 

Interview with Dr. Tess Lawrie

Unbroken with Max and Dr. Tess Lawrie

Max interviews Dr. Tess Lawrie of The World Council for Health in a revealing discussion about Covid, the WHO and a better way forward. Dr. Lawrie was a consultant for the WHO until she began to question their policies, which were contrary to human health. In her research she discovered no evidence to support a pandemic.

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Healing Services

Max is trained in and borrows from a variety of disciplines including Internal Family Systems work with the inner child, Heart Math Trauma training, Shamanism, Buddhism, Mindfulness, Psychedelic therapy, Polyvagal theory and Narrative Psychotherapy.

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Hey Max

Just wanted to say that my husband and I are very grateful for your video interviews – we are working our way through them with great interest and appreciating the thought-provoking content. You’re a fabulous interviewer – we love your style/approach and your choice of guests.

Great blessings to you.

Just a quick message to say how much the testimonies on your platform inspire me and encourage me to help others. I’m not a SRA survivor but I have known struggle with 2 operational deployments to iraq and Afghanistan. Max’s story and all the other testimonies are a testament to the unconquerable god given spirit and it is so important to expose such a grotesque evil on this planet. I pray for your continued exposure and healing.

This was truly inspiring, and a message I needed to hear today. Thank you for being dedicated to raising the consciousness of those who are seeking. I think we as “Wanderer” souls want to complete our missions and ultimately go home. Helping others through sharing our own experiences is part of that mission. Thank you

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