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Marsha’s Healing Services

Why consider working with Marsha for Healing?

Marsha works with Source Energy. By connecting to the Field of Infinite Possibilities, Marsha works with anyone who is receptive to receiving healing from Source. Marsha is trained in many healing modalities and has many client testimonials outlined on her website

In reality, time and space are transcended during healing. Hence, Marsha works primarily in sessions over Zoom. When possible, she works with people in person.

Marsha begins the session by getting the know the client to establish deep connection and trust and explain that anything can be expected when working with Source. She then focuses on Source and listens to the guidance that comes forth. Marsha had vast experience working as a Medical Intuitive. All sessions consider the four major aspects of the client: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Why is Marsha different from other energy healers? Marsha has a deep connection to Source and has studied anatomy, and spiritual psychology, among her other healing modalities. Marsha understands the power of the spoken word and the languages of the Universe. The Universe speaks and understands a very literal language in which Marsha has gained expertise primarily by becoming a practitioner of Theta Healing and Matrix Energetics. Marsha acts as a facilitator in communicating with Source and the client.

The main language of the Universe is one of frequency. This is where Marsha’s Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering offers her an in-depth understanding. Marsha uses various healing technologies such as tuning forks and is a practitioner of SomaEnergetics; She uses various frequency machines that that can assist the client 24/7 if the need arises.

Primarily Marsha uses the Spooky2 and the Healy machines that are based on the famous work of Royal Raymond Rife. Marsha is a practitioner with Grigori Grabovi who teaches us to transmit healing frequencies with our consciousness.

Marsha charges $150 an hour for sessions that last typically an hour. You can contact her directly at to ask questions and/or schedule a session.

Why Do You Need Organite for Protection from EMF Pollution?

Orgonite helps to neutralize EMF (electromagnetic frequency) pollution from electronic devices to which you are constantly exposed in our modern, high-tech society. This dirty electricity is unusable EMF energy that emanates from your cell phone, Wi-Fi, computer, TV, smart meter, microwave, vehicular computers, and battery packs. Many deleterious health effects of EMFs have been researched and noted by modern science. Orgonite is a highly efficient energy transmutation device that transforms these negative energies into positive energies. These devices are most effective when placed between the electronic device and the user. 

What is orgonite?

The word orgonite comes from orgone, the name given by Wilhelm Reich to vital energy (also known as Chi, Prana, and Zero-point energy) found everywhere in nature. It can be neutral (OR=orgone), positive (POR=positive orgone energy) or negative (DOR = deadly orgone energy). Wilhelm Reich’s original devices could attract deadly orgone energy (DOR) as well as positive orgone energy (POR). In 1991 Karl Hans Welz created a device with metal particles and resin that turned all DOR into POR. Don and Carol Croft improved upon this method in the early 2000s by adding a quartz crystal to the metal resin mix. 

How does orgonite work?

Orgonite is crafted by blending a resin composite with metal shavings and crystals. Resins, epoxies and most crystals are organic compounds because their molecular structures contain carbon. Together the organic compounds work to attract orgone/life force energy. The metals are inorganic; the metals strongly activate the cleansing matrix as they both attract and repel energy (known as the Casimir effect).
Quartz crystals, with their piezoelectric effect, amplify the positive orgone energy and aid in transforming any existing deadly orgone energy. (Piezoelectricity is the ability certain crystals have to produce electricity and ultrasonic vibrations when applied to a mechanical stress.) During the curing process, the resin composite shrinks, permanently squeezing the quartz crystals to create the piezoelectric effect

How do we create our orgonite?

Each of our unique orgonite designs is created in a peaceful meditative state with powerful healing intention imbued into its creation. Multiple crystals are included to amplify the orgonite’s healing properties and ability to transmute negative into positive energies.  In our orgonite creations, we often include several varieties of quartz, lapis, calcite, black tourmaline or obsidian, kyanite, and shungite. Layers of copper, brass, steel, iron, and aluminum enhance the effect of the copper-wrapped quartz point crystal. Sacred symbols and patterns crafted in copper are also incorporated into most designs. The molds are placed into our 8 ft. pyramid as they cure to increase their sacred energy output. When complete we give them each a special blessing.

To Purchase

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