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Max’s Coaching for the Awakening-Ascension Process

Do you need guidance in your ascension process ?

Humanity is in a time of major transition internally and as a collective in this moment in history. We are witnessing a mass awakening. Our planet is in a cycle of increased light and the dawning of a golden age. As light increases our consciousness rises, some call this ascension. Ascension is an inner process in which we rise to our fullest potential in steps and sometimes leaps and bounds. Part of healing and raising our consciousness is the shedding of our traumas, wounding, distorted beliefs, powerlessness, apathy and programming.

We have been mind-controlled, abused, poisoned, harvested on and deceived by those in control. We have been deliberately kept in lower frequencies and mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically enslaved. The good news is we are freeing ourselves internally and opening up our true potential, and the process of awakening is unstoppable.

Are you seeking to understand the awakening process?

Not all will make the free will choice to shed the veil and see beyond the matrix we have been trapped within. Awakening is a difficult process due to the healing of our trauma and the shock of becoming aware of the evil and deception we have been subjected to here in this third dimensional existence.

It is difficult to be aware when those around us are still asleep. We have all tried to wake up our loved ones only to find they reject the truth and accuse us of being conspiracy theorists. In the last couple of years, we have lost relationships with relatives and friends because we are at different levels of consciousness and they literally are unable to see what we do. It can be a painful and isolating experience to awaken and grow.

Start your awakening journey with Max

The process takes time and is done in steps. Each new layer reveals itself as we gain understanding and heal what has kept us trapped and small. It can feel daunting in moments. Sometimes a coach or guide can facilitate this opening process and Max is available to help with this journey of awakening, healing, shedding programs and rising to our fullest potential. As difficult as awakening can be, the rewards are priceless. Imagine feeling peaceful and alert internally. Imagine awakening our natural abilities such as telepathy, psychic ability, self-healing, rejuvenation, creativity and connection to our higher selves and our higher power. Imagine recovering our natural ability to manifest all we need and desire in this physical realm. All this is our birthright and is the way forward for those of us who choose to step into our power and walk into our future. The more of us who awaken, heal and rise, the faster our collective reality will change. Welcome to the new Golden Age for humanity and planet Earth and to guidance and assistance in this process.

To consult with Max and schedule an appointment, please get in touch with her by filling out our Contact Us form. Max works with individuals from all over the world and can accommodate those speaking English, Spanish or Italian. Max resides in the United States but can be reached via email, zoom or WhatsApp globally.

Sessions are one hour in duration and the fee is $200 per hour. Longer sessions can be accommodated depending on the individual’s needs and the fee adjusted accordingly. Max does not work with insurance or pharmaceutical medications.

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