Meet the Team of Unbroken Warriors

Max Lowen

Max Lowen is a trauma trained psychotherapist who has worked with both survivors and perpetrators for over 30 years. Max is trained in and borrows from a variety of disciplines including Internal Family Systems work with the inner child, HeartMath Trauma training, Shamanism, Buddhism, Mindfulness, Psychedelic therapy, Polyvagal theory and Narrative Psychotherapy.

Max started her career working at an inpatient psychiatric facility with severely mentally ill clients who suffered from schizophrenia and psychosis. She escorted patients to other countries for home visits and was recognized and given an award for her ability to work with difficult populations. Subsequently she worked at a nonprofit in the inner city of Washington DC with traumatized homeless individuals who were also addicts. There she advocated for her clients to have treatment for trauma rather than be heavily medicated and co-authored a psycho-educational manual for trauma group work with special populations as well as co-authored a chapter on vicarious traumatization in clinicians working with trauma. Max was instrumental in adding supervised housing for those with addictions for this population as well as engaging with the community to help socialize her homeless clients in how to eat at restaurants, go to plays and other community events and registering her homeless clients to vote in an effort to reintegrate them into society. Her innovative ideas were recognized and incorporated into the non-profit.

Max then was hired as the director of the Batterers Intervention Program for a county in Virginia where she designed the curriculum and led men’s groups in both English and Spanish. Max worked closely with probation and the court system, giving trainings for court and police staff and forging reciprocal relationships in an effort to best serve her clients. She was interviewed by a local radio station due to her success with the men’s groups and coordination with the battered women’s groups to effect healing within the family unit. Max went on to provide trauma group therapy as a consultant in a women’s correctional facility and later worked at a city jail in California in their mental health unit. She has also worked at a rape crisis center, ran groups for teen dating violence and worked with sexually abused children at a nonprofit family service agency with Hispanic populations in California.

Max is a global citizen having grown up in various countries and is tri-lingual in Italian, Spanish and English. She is a survivor of SRA, torture and trafficking who went on to do her healing work and train in trauma and recovery to help other survivors and those trapped in the cycle of violence. Max created a show called Unbroken where she interviews survivors as well as healers and teachers. Max integrates the knowledge she has about the global deep state political machine with issues such as child trafficking and trauma-based mind control to help educate people about the control structure that keeps humanity trapped in cycles of individual and collective trauma and control. Knowing the truth facilitates finding solutions to the myriad of issues facing humanity and Max shares her knowledge about healing and recovery in an effort to assist with the restoration of humanity and our beautiful planet.

Rachel Vaughan

Rachel Vaughan is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and MK Ultra mind control. She has spent the past 16 years whistleblowing about the still operating satanic cult which abused her in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Rachel grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, where she suffered abuse and trafficking perpetrated by her father, Alan Maxwell McIntyre, and the satanic cult within which he operated.

This abuse included utilization in honeypot blackmail operations, objectification in the procurement of child rape material; medical experimentation; MK Ultra psychic training and exploitation; and being forced to witness the murders of other children, some of which occurred during satanic rituals.

These abuses occurred in multiple settings, including Rachel’s childhood home in Edwardstown, at channel nine studios in Adelaide, and within and around Adelaide’s elaborate underground tunnel system. She published research proving the existence of these secret tunnels and bunkers in 2021.

Rachel has been whistle-blowing about her childhood experiences since 2006. In 2018 she went global with her allegations by giving testimony to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. Since then, Rachel has given many interviews to bring attention to crimes against children, both historical and present day. In the hope of preventing such abuses from occurring in the future.

An eternal optimist, Rachel has chosen to use her childhood experiences to assist others. She offers psychic readings, utilizing and improving upon the MK Ultra training, which began when she was a toddler. As an Akashic adept with 19 years of professional experience, Rachel is able to tap into clients’ past, present, and future lives to assist in understanding the underlying driving forces which have brought about their experiences, discover their passions, and identify their life purpose. In this way, Rachel is able to highlight the fact that we are eternal souls having a human experience who can attain peace and success despite our trauma.

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Marsha Walters

Marsha Walters works at the nexus of science and spirituality, as a spiritual scientist, healer and teacher. Marsha’s purpose is to empower people with an in-depth knowledge of how to blend physics and love of Source to create life-transforming miracles. Marsha assists those who choose to transform their lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through private sessions and group classes. Her work respects the highest principles of any religion and vastly relies on her deep connection, with the one God or Source.

Marsha is a medical intuitive and Transpersonal Spiritual Counselor. Using a variety of healing modalities, Marsha communicates directly with the Quantum Field on behalf of her clients. Dr. Walters is able to establish energetic rapport and work with patterns of light and information to help shift people into healthier patterns. Marsha also teaches her own healing modality: “Healing with the Quantum Field.”

Marsha’s skills encompass a broad understanding of the sciences, esoteric teachings and complementary healing methods. Marsha’s expertise combines her Masters’ degree in Physics, and B.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, with less traditional explorations of how the invisible manifests as the visible. Marsha’s education and experience enable her to use her spiritual, engineering, and people skills to lovingly work with others towards individual and group transformation. Marsha motto is “anything is possible.”

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Doug McIntyre

Doug McIntyre, Sydney, Australia.

The 2nd of 4 children, Doug was born into poverty in a ritual abuse family where he experienced prolonged severe childhood trauma (physical, sexual and emotional abuse) and persistent intentional neglect and attachment denial by his highly abusive parents. This treatment of children, as is typical of cult families, is planned to result in extensive dissociation of children in order to enable the abusers to perform their inhumane practices on children whilst protecting themselves from being found out through trauma based mind control.

Fleeing home at 18, and not long after rejecting the numbing effects of pharmaceutical medication Doug sought to heal himself through various natural modalities. This began with a spiritual faith, progressed in his 20s to psychotherapy, rational emotive therapy and transactional analysis when his older brother was killed. In his mid 20s as the sexual abuse memories started to surface he sought out further therapies. Then in his early 30s when the ritual abuse memories came back he then had extensive therapy for dissociation. In his 40s he began exploring somatic therapy, breathwork and nature therapy. In his 50s he explored plant medicines and other modalities. Now in his 60s and still healing from extensive trauma Doug shares what has helped him on his path.

Jana B.

Jana is a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother and friend to many.  Jana lives to serve our Heavenly Father in the best way she can.  Jana earned a Doctorate in Psychology and returned to school to earn a medical degree touring with MSF globally to earn her Medical Doctorate.  Jana has worked overseas through the years with NGO organizations in many countries serving those in need of medical help, mental support, and crisis intervention.

Jana says, there is nothing more humbling then to serve different tribes in the jungles of Africa and see people live with no running water or electricity wake up joyous and happy every day, regardless of their circumstances.

Jana marvels at the miracle of our human existence and strives to want everyone to serve each other in a healthy conscious manner.  Jana has seen death and birth and says it never gets old to see new life in the birth of a baby or newborn animals.   

Currently Jana is training and learning multiple disciplines of treatment in order that she can assist in developing a training program for anyone that wants the tools for Healing Trauma and healing one’s consciousness.

Jana believes we are all alive at this moment in time to bring our talents forward to heal and raise our consciousness above any grievance or misunderstanding to forgive and move on with Love and compassion.  Exciting times ahead for all that (have the eyes to see and ears to hear)!

Jana never gets tired of learning and confirms she learns something new every day.


Truth warrior and seeker.

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