Unbroken Warriors


December 2023 Summit Full Package

Unbroken Summit, 1-10 December 2023.

This Summit hosted by Max Lowen of Unbroken.Global.

$99 for private access to full December 2023 Summit Videos

This Summit hosted by Max Lowen of Unbroken.Global. The intention for this summit is to bring Truth Warriors, Healers, Survivors and Teachers together all of whom are creating new ways forward for humanity and exploring solutions to the issues we face in this war between the globalist satanic parasitic elite and all organic life on earth.

These psychopathic pedophile perpetrators who control all of society have been socially engineering humanity for hundreds if not thousands of years. These dark overlords are parasitic and have fed of human beings both literally and etherically for eons. Their plan to complete their dominion over earth and her inhabitants is currently playing out right in front of our eyes.

We are seeing the attempts to normalize pedophilia, the global agencies power grabs over every country and their constitutions under the guise of health, the continued theft of our wealth and the destruction of the global economy, the use of frequency and weather weapons and the myriad mind control methods involved in reducing human consciousness and creating an apathetic, obedient and slave minded society that will follow orders leading to their own demise. Their escalation of satanic rituals such as 9-11, ongoing wars, Covid plandemic, climate change and dividing humanity from each other are creating mass trauma and the destruction of life, liberty and compassion.

We are at a major transition time where some of us have broken the chains of mind control and are Warriors spreading truth and knowledge to help others free their minds. Healers and Teachers are helping people do their inner work, deprogram, step into their power and reconnect with their higher guidance. Survivors of satanic ritual abuse, mind control, trafficking and torture at the hands of these elites are speaking out and exposing the system from within, as well as modeling the healing and resilience of the human spirit.

This summit aims to bring these heroes together to share information, knowledge and wisdom with each other and the general public. We shall prevail and are stepping into our power and mission in order to lead this transition from the darkest of ages into the light and a new heaven on earth. I welcome all of you to this inspirational and educational summit that unites the varied voices of transformation and restoration of the human race and indeed all life on our beautiful planet.

Dates: December 1 – 10, 2023

Fee: $299. Members of unbroken.global website receive special discounts.

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