Healers & Teachers

Interviews with healers and teachers from around the world.


Orgonite and EMF Protection

Join Max and Marsha in a discussion about Orgonite and how it can be a solution to the negative effects of the electromagnetic frequencies we live under in our modern world.


Waking to the Matrix: Denby’s Story

Join Max as she interviews Denby, who analyzes the Matrix, shares her journey of awakening and how she has healed using Yoga and Shamanism.


Healing with Psychedelics

Join Max and Doug in discussing the healing potential of psychedelics. They discuss LSD, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and Iboga-the research, the kinds of consciousness each has, and their personal experiences in psychedelic journeys.

Journey to Awakening: Sunny’s Story

Join Max in a conversation with Sunny! Our very own Sunny shares her story of awakening, her path to the present, and how important her connection to God has been in her life.

Real Healing: Naturopathic Medicine

Join Max and Dr. Val in an exploration of the different kinds of health practitioners, an understanding of health, and the various physical and energetic causes and solutions to a healthy body.

Stages of Spiritual Development

Penny is back to discuss the anatomy of consciousness and the traps that keep us from achieving our potential. Penny discusses the stages of development for human beings and what happens when we are prevented from evolving naturally. She also shares how food and water have consciousness and how our interaction with nature can help us grow. Max and Penny open up new ideas for how to rise past our traumas and co-create a wonderful new paradigm for our earth and ourselves.

True Chiropractic Healing of the Brain and Nervous System

Max and Dr. Force talk about real health and share tools and tips for how to create a healthy balanced life. Dr. Force is a chiropractic physician who sees health holistically and is versed in Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and cranial sacral work. Discover how the brain and nervous system can be healed to give us our best life.

Trauma and Consciousness

Penny Kelly shares her experience of Kundalini awakening and explains states of consciousness and how these create different realities. She talks about enlightenment, dreams, dimensional travel, and the various frequencies we inhabit. Penny and Max discuss what being psychic means, how everything we think and put in our mouths affects our consciousness and the state of pure awareness and bliss as we merge with Source. This talk is instrumental in all of us taking responsibility for our state of consciousness and how we use this as the way forward into a new earth.

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