This week something incredible happened.  Call it the Hundredth Monkey Effect or whatever you want, but many of us in the freedom community have been saying the only way out is a parallel society.  There is no fixing the old paradigm — we have to create a new one.  New healthcare, new education, and a new court system. Now comes word that professional golfers just started creating their own parallel society.

Former golf professional Greg Norman formed a new golf tour called LIV to rival the existing PGA tour.  It is backed by Saudi Arabian investors, paying double what the PGA pays to its winners.  The new LIV tour arose out of what golfer Phil Mickelson called the “obnoxious greed” of the PGA tour and a need for players to be more than just property or slaves in a fascist regime.  And after this weekend’s first ever LIV Golf tournament, it’s clear that the parallel tour is gaining momentum with mass defections from the PGA.  Rather than wasting their time on fighting the PGA, players just said, let’s do something better.

Particularly fun for me was to watch the old guard, Commissioner Jay Monahan spin why he is justified in running a slave system where players are property and not independent contractors . . . “It’s been an unfortunate week that was created by some unfortunate decisions, those decisions being players choosing to violate our tournament regulations,” (code for slave system). But wait it gets better . . . corporate lap dog ESPN attacks the players defecting by saying they are partnering with the Saudis, who are responsible for training and financing the 9/11 hijackers and therefore an affront to people who lost family members in 9/11.

Oh, you mean as opposed to partnering with the slave system, Pharma led PGA tour that has an event, The St. Jude Classic, that whitewashes the killing for profit of children by forcing long term chemotherapy (2-4 years) on children in remission from cancer!?!?!

No, these people can rot in hell, unequivocally.  I watched my friend Gunner Lindsay, featured in my film Flipping The Script, get poisoned to death by St. Jude’s hospital, then summarily kicked to the curb when they realized he had relapsed and that if he died with them, it would affect their “95% success” numbers they claim.  (For the record, their definition of success is keeping somebody alive for 5 years, even if it means dying in year 6 or being maimed for life by all the chemo.)  Meanwhile other children who use nutrition, detox, and cannabis oil are staying in remission.  Just about every PGA tournament either has a Pharma/Allopathic sponsor or heavy ads on broadcasts touting compromised petrochemical alternatives to real solutions for disease.

What’s amazing is how Monahan pretends he is so lilywhite and the Saudis are so evil.  10 years ago that lie would’ve worked.  Now we watch as Monahan doubles down on his power and control by banning any player that plays on the LIV tour from ever playing a PGA tour event again.  So much for freedom . . .

What is heartening is the fact that players like Phil Mickelson and Norman have taken the bold stance of calling out both the PGA tour and the Saudis for human rights violations while carving out a new tour that breaks the slave system.  It’s messy, it’s a lot of work, but it is what 2022 is all about.

I promised you I would start talking about the process of leaving the Global Elite psychopaths who currently control not only the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization, but also the minions who enforce their illegal genocide all the way down to local school boards and Boards of Supervisors.  They have been systematically destroying the Constitution and our way of life in America for over a hundred years, but over the last 2 years we have seen their final push to dominate and control every aspect of human existence.  It started out with the Pfizer/Moderna gene modification injections and progressed into child indoctrination in schools. But as they overplayed their hand, millions around the world awakened to what freedom really looks like and just how important it is to every aspect of life.

I would like to share my journey into legal freedom over the past year to try to elucidate the process.  And make no mistake about it . . . freedom from the psychopaths, wherever they exist, whether it be the government, pharma, or even family systems, is a process.  You can’t go from trusting a slave master to being a free living soul without first identifying their pathology, where they got their hooks in you, knowing what freedom looks like, and then finally taking the steps to break free.

At first it will all seem like Greek, as in it’s a new language, yet it’s all in English.  As I heard the information, most of it flew over my head for the first 10 times.  Then after 10-30 times it sounded familiar, but still didn’t resonate.  Then 30 on it made sense and I started connecting the dots.  I’m just barely able to speak the language now and maybe explain it to someone else so be ready for the learning curve.

With regards to the government, I have changed my status from a federal citizen to a state citizen.  I am now what is known as a non-citizen national.  Another way of phrasing this is I took control of my strawman/fictional entity.  Jeffrey Allen of the house of Witzeman is taking control of the all caps JEFFREY ALLEN WITZEMAN who was signed away on my birth certificate by my unwitting mother.  I am now a creditor, not a debtor, as I relate to the government.  I completed this process with the help of a legal expert or lawyer, not an attorney who is a member of the Bar.  There are many out there, so find the one that resonates with you.  The other advantage of separating is that I will be able to take advantage of the law that all income taxes are voluntary.  But they are only voluntary if you are a free living soul.  If you have been roped in by the birth certificate, voter registration, marriage license or driver’s license, that means you signed contracts that tie you to certain obligations including taxes.  (Having said that, I will still have a driver’s license and register my vehicles, but I will use my national passport most of the time and only use the license and registration if I am facing a trigger happy ignorant cop who doesn’t understand what a non-citizen national is and that he has no right to detain me unless I have done something unlawful.)

The next important separation I put in place was the creation of an irrevocable business trust.  This has beneficial tax and privacy implications as it is a contract between individuals that cannot be interfered with.  It’s all the rage among the wealthy 1% and, like most things, they have been in no hurry to share their secrets.  I just purchased a farm with my business trust and will be 1099-ing the sellers to create what is called a tax credit.  I will be able to use that tax credit as a way to discharge or offset debt and keep myself free from taxes.  As a creditor, I now become a friend of the IRS rather than somebody they want to take down.  If this sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo, I get it . . . my head is spinning too.  The other move I will make once I own the property is to get the land patents.  Once you get land patents, you can do anything you want on the property.  Most homeowners get a deed, which allows the state and Feds to tell you what you can and cannot do.  I was shocked to hear other farmers tell me they could only have two structures for residents on their properties, and that the state of California had building codes forbidding housing for hired help.  Once I have the land patents, I can build as many residences as I want on the property and the building codes became irrelevant.

There are several resources that will help put some context to what I just shared.  First of all I did an interview with natural law expert Robert Michael that summarizes a lot here.  Then the best book I have found that explains exactly what the government did to commit fraud and violate our freedoms is Fruit From A Poisonous Tree by Melvin Stamper.  If you want to clear a room, just start quoting anything from Stamper as the truth will shock folks so bad, they won’t know what to do with you.  And then for info on irrevocable trusts and their benefits try here and here.

When I started the process I was just looking for somebody to do it for me.  They don’t exist primarily because if anyone does come after you like the IRS or the Feds, you need to have the answers (or know how to find them) to explain case law to the bill collectors (police and IRS) and why your actions are lawful.  Filing status changes and trusts is only the first part of the equation.  The graduate work is knowing how to use them and living your life the way God intended.  There are many of us on this path and our numbers are growing daily.  By the way, don’t worry about the government losing tax dollars.  They’ve got more than enough to take care of road maintenance.  The most important message we can send them is we are leaving and not allowing you to control us any more.

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