Rachel Vaughan bravely exposes the network of underground tunnels in Edwardstown, a suburb in Adelaide where she grew up. One of the entrances to these tunnels was directly from the cellar in Rachel’s childhood home. Her father often took her into the underground bunker and tunnels to sexually abuse and torture her along with other children in order to make child pornography. Rachel shares a story about a young girl who went missing that her father held in these tunnels and later murdered. Her father was a mass murderer and many were brutalized and lost their lives in these underground horror chambers. Rachel provides compelling evidence for the existence of these tunnels and shares why it is important to expose these, considering tunnels like these exist everywhere around the world and are how children are trafficked and tortured globally

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Please sign the petition to exhume the remains of the three Beaumont children from a sink hole at Rachel’s father Alan Maxwell McIntyre’s former property at Stansbury on the Yorke Peninsula (South Australia) 



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