Humanity is in a time of major transition internally and as a collective in this moment in history. We are witnessing a mass awakening. Our planet is in a cycle of increased light and the dawning of a golden age. As light increases our consciousness rises, some call this ascension. Ascension is an inner process in which we rise to our fullest potential in steps and sometimes leaps and bounds. The outer frequencies and inner work both play a role. Part of healing and raising our consciousness is the shedding of our traumas, wounding, distorted beliefs, powerlessness, apathy and programming. We have been mind-controlled, abused, poisoned, harvested on and deceived by those in control. We have been deliberately kept in lower frequencies and mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically enslaved. The good news is we are freeing ourselves internally and opening up our true potential, and the process of awakening is unstoppable. 

The dark forces that have controlled this planet and deliberately kept us in low consciousness and heavy programming have left traps along the path to awakening in an effort to keep us from rising out of the matrix they created. One of their most oft used programs has been the Savior program. The idea that someone or something external to us will save us is very seductive and benefits evil by keeping us from speaking out or acting to prevent harm. Their goal is apathy and inaction on our part precisely because this is the key to our freedom. Once we become empowered to heal and create, to expose the deception and say no to their perpetrated harm, to defend ourselves and the lives of innocents from evil, we are unstoppable. The galactic and universal cycle we are currently within is designed to facilitate healing, growth and a massive rise in consciousness. As we step into out true power, we can eliminate the darkness that has plagued all life on Earth for far too long. We have metaphysical forces on our side right now, so our efforts are far more effective than ever before. The psychopathic controllers know this and hence are in an all-out war for our minds.

As many of us awaken we encounter each new layer of deception and programming designed to keep us from rising higher. One example is the new age program. The trap here is multifaceted. One aspect is the promotion of a savior program that suggests we wait for benevolent extraterrestrials to come down in space ships and whisk us away from this planet and our problems. Another trap is the idea that ascension is something external, and somehow, we will miraculously rise through to a higher dimension. Ascension is internal and based on our ability to heal our traumas and deprogram ourselves. It takes commitment and inner work and must be chosen via intent and gained by confronting our shadow and all that keeps us enslaved. When we shed what keeps us in low frequency, we rise to higher levels of consciousness and then have access to other dimensions and our innate abilities.

The new age program suggests we focus only on love and light and ignore the evil and destruction all around us. Naturally, this is convenient for the dark forces as it allows them to roll their agenda forward unopposed. Love and light will not create change without truth and action. It takes courage to see the truth, to speak truth and to act on behalf of truth. The new age and other traps use similar terminology with a twist towards further entrapment. Words like love and light are co-opted but divorced from action towards stopping the abuse of life on this planet. The technique used is to take the truth, distort it and lure the unsuspecting into a false light cul-de-sac where they will have no detrimental effect on the dark agenda. The courageous and noble action of fighting against evil is reduced to an idea of amplifying the dark by focusing on it. The twist on manifestation is evident here, it is true we grow what we focus on but false to say what we ignore does not harm us. Skating on the blurry line of truth is a favorite technique to obfuscate our true power to effect change. We must spread truth, which is light, as well as say no and defend against harm. We can focus on co-creating a better reality at the same time. Love and light are ineffective unless embodied.

The Satanic forces use word magic on our minds as language, being frequency, can keep us entrapped. We are in a true awakening process that encompasses our planet and our universe. Cycles of darkness eventually yield to cycles of light, and we benefit much like catching and riding a wave. If we do not use this advantage, we can become swept under the wave and drown. Because we are in a positive cycle, they are using words like wokeness and the Great Reset to trick us into going down their programs rather than riding the light towards our liberation. They routinely couch their dark agendas in positive sounding platitudes in hopes we will route ourselves down their descending vortex and miss the grand opportunity we have to ascend towards truth and freedom. Doublespeak is in full force as they attempt to herd us into our own destruction. Safety means control. For the greater good means for their good and our demise. Black Lives Matter refers to their lives, those of the Order of the Black Sun and the Black Nobility, they could care less about the lives of people of color. Critical race theory is not an attempt to resolve racism but rather a way to promote it on a different racial group. The agenda is to create victimization in one group and shame in another. Children’s rights to their own bodies via gender confusion is actually an agenda to normalize pedophilia and to depopulate via sterilization. The green agenda is a way to encourage us to participate in our own enslavement and genocide. Media is not to inform but rather mind control and propagandize. If we can be convinced to see each other as the enemy, we remain unaware of our true enemy and in fact aid them in their efforts to divide and conquer. They need us to fulfill their dark agendas, we are far more powerful, and dangerous to them should we become aware of this and join together in action. The traps are endless and yet avoidable to those with discernment. 

We must be aware that our physical reality is being manipulated to keep us in a state of constant stress, lack and fear so as to keep us from stepping up to be part of the solution. If we feel unsafe, ill or deprived of food, shelter and safety we will be unable to effect change. It is true we are bombarded with toxic medications and vaccines, blanketed with harmful frequencies, poisoned by fluoridated water and genetically modified and heavily processed food, mind controlled by media and assaulted by violence. Yet being aware of the multi-pronged assault on human health and consciousness gives us choices and opportunities to rise beyond the traps. We can grow our own food or patronize organic farms and markets. We can avoid taking pharmaceuticals and deadly vaccines. We can access water that is pure via natural sources or filtration systems. We can refuse to participate in media brainwashing. We can heal or minds, bodies and souls and raise our consciousness. We are powerful and creative beings and together can create a much better way of life. The psychopathic controllers fear our true power. Hence, they set traps for those awakening like mines in a battlefield. It helps to understand this and be discerning in every new discovery and step up in the journey into higher consciousness. 

Not all will make the free will choice to shed the veil and see beyond the matrix we have been trapped within. Awakening is a difficult process due to the healing of our trauma and the shock of becoming aware of the evil and deception we have been subjected to here in this third dimensional existence. It is difficult to be aware when those around us are still asleep. We have all tried to wake up our loved ones only to find they reject the truth and accuse us of being conspiracy theorists. In the last couple of years, we have lost relationships with relatives and friends because we are at different levels of consciousness and they literally are unable to see what we do. It can be a painful and isolating experience to awaken and grow.

Any human being incarnated here throughout history who spoke truth and offered guidance was gaslit, tortured and discredited. It does take courage and strength to walk the path of enlightenment. Enlightenment refers to increasing our light via healing our wounding and embracing truth. The pursuit of knowledge and truth enlightens us. This process increases our empowerment and mental clarity and makes action possible. We have been diminished and suppressed, yet we can choose to throw off the veil and address what has kept us trapped. Doing so automatically raises our consciousness and restores our true power and connection to that higher aspect of ourselves.

The process takes time and is done in steps. Each new layer reveals itself as we gain understanding and heal what has kept us trapped and small. It can feel daunting in moments. It is a journey of awakening, healing, shedding programs and rising to our fullest potential. As difficult as awakening can be, the rewards are priceless. Imagine feeling peaceful and alert internally. Imagine awakening our natural abilities such as telepathy, psychic ability, self-healing, rejuvenation, creativity and connection to our higher selves and our higher power. Imagine recovering our natural ability to manifest all we need and desire in this physical realm. All this is our birthright and is the way forward for those of us who choose to step into our power and walk into our future. The more of us who awaken, heal and rise, the faster our collective reality will change. 

How do we heal? We need to address all aspects of ourselves, the physical body we inhabit, our mind, emotions and connection to Spirit. If our body is clean our psychic abilities become accessible. We can heal our bodies by providing ourselves with nutritious food and detoxifying our bodies on a regular basis. We can learn emotional hygiene and release blocked emotions holding trauma. We can work on regulating our nervous systems and practicing techniques to enhance inner peace and balance. We can restore our connection with our inner fragmented parts and integrate. We can deprogram our minds and restore free thought and critical thinking. We can pursue knowledge and truth and learn to discern the deception and distortion of reality. We can reconnect with our higher selves and our Creator. We can remember why we incarnated here and step into our purpose. We can join with others and say no to evil and begin to co-create a new way forward which honors and respects all life. These are the steps we can and must take to raise our consciousness and free ourselves from the matrix prison created for us. We have our Creator and the light of truth to support us. A tsunami of light and high frequency is flooding our planet right now, let’s take advantage and ride this wave into a brighter future. Welcome to the new Golden Age for humanity and planet Earth. 


  • Max Lowen

    Welcome to my website Unbroken. My name is Max and my vision is to help people heal and raise their consciousness so we can unite with others and co-create a new way forward. I aim to spread the truth about the hidden agendas in our world via interviews and the written word. We need to understand the forces that shape our reality so we can choose to rise above the psychological chains that bind us. We have all been broken in one way or another, let’s unbreak ourselves and our world and live in love, balance and abundance as we move beyond our conditioning and rise to our fullest potential.