🦋 Butterfly is back to talk with Max about trafficking at the Arizona-Mexico border wall. Butterfly has spent months at a time living in a tent at the wall and seen the Cartel and Border Patrol in operation. She describes the cooperation between our current regime and the cartels as they freely allow children and drugs like fentanyl to enter the USA. Butterfly describes how the Mexican cartels raid towns raping and pillaging, kidnapping boys to train as soldiers for MS13 and girls to be prostituted, causing people to flee to the USA. Another cartel has coyotes charging thousands of dollars to get people into the USA, and Butterfly describes seeing Border Patrol and the cartel working together. Children are brought in and then trafficked. Many die and Butterfly estimates 800 thousand go “missing” each year. She has seen child trafficking increase exponentially in this current administration through holes in the wall that are deliberately left open for human and drug trafficking. Max and Butterfly discuss what we can do to end this scourge and our collective responsibility to protect all children.

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