Joachim Hagopian is back to dissect the movie Sound of Freedom as well as the green agenda, censorship, political controlled opposition, digital ID and currency programs, rising costs of living and the ongoing genocide of humanity. While the Sound of Freedom has brought much needed attention to the issue of child trafficking, Max and Joachim agree there is an agenda to control the narrative. The most glaring issue is the movie does not name the Deep State Satanic Cabal’s global child trafficking network and the massive money made in the trafficking of children. Joachim reveals the big money funders of the movie, including Carlos Slim and the Clinton Foundation. The green agenda is revealed as a method of genocide along with the myriad other ways the deep state is going for the kill. Max and Joachim end with solutions and ideas for how to end this war on humanity and take our power and world back from evil.

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  • Max Lowen

    Welcome to my website Unbroken. My name is Max and my vision is to help people heal and raise their consciousness so we can unite with others and co-create a new way forward. I aim to spread the truth about the hidden agendas in our world via interviews and the written word. We need to understand the forces that shape our reality so we can choose to rise above the psychological chains that bind us. We have all been broken in one way or another, let’s unbreak ourselves and our world and live in love, balance and abundance as we move beyond our conditioning and rise to our fullest potential.

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