Sharon is back to continue the discussion on Orgone energy as a solution to weather warfare and mind control. Orgonite gifting is a solution to frequency control over weather, climate and the human mind. Sharon reminds us that cellphones can alter and insert thoughts as well as deliver fear porn and radiation and offers solutions and advice on how we can hardwire our homes for better health and clearer minds. By breaking down DOR energy we can restore our planet to the balanced garden planet it originally was. The planet is intelligently designed for rain to water the land. Sharon also talks about how DOR creates armoring, such as how plants in deserts develop think outer layers and spines. DOR also armors us emotionally, as Reich stated, we need to overcome the inner emotional desert to overcome the outer. Parasites eventually kill their hosts, so it is incumbent on us to destroy them which can be done by gifting orgonite near the cell towers that grid our planet.



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  • Max Lowen

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