Join Max as she speaks to West Point graduate, former mental health counselor, journalist and author Joachim Hagopian about the Cabal and their orchestrated global events in their attempt to create a one world government. Joachim discusses the Covid scam, Hollywood and Satanic priestesses Oprah and Madonna, high ranking Generals, weather warfare, the takeover of the educational system and the attempt to normalize and legalize pedophilia with wit and wisdom. Humanity is in a crisis period and yet Joachim and Max concur we are prevailing in this spiritual war. The Cabal narratives are failing and many are rising up such as the Dutch farmers, the Canadian convoys, parents fighting the sexualization of children in the schools, doctors whistleblowing about the deadly jabs and more. Joachim describes the elites as caged beasts coming full force with engineered disasters, food and fuel shortages and attempts at starting another world war and yet simultaneously awakening the population with their overreach. Joachim is confident that the love, empathy and spirituality of humanity as well as cosmic light and God will prevail and move us towards a better future.


  • Max Lowen

    Welcome to my website Unbroken. My name is Max and my vision is to help people heal and raise their consciousness so we can unite with others and co-create a new way forward. I aim to spread the truth about the hidden agendas in our world via interviews and the written word. We need to understand the forces that shape our reality so we can choose to rise above the psychological chains that bind us. We have all been broken in one way or another, let’s unbreak ourselves and our world and live in love, balance and abundance as we move beyond our conditioning and rise to our fullest potential.

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