What is a Psyop?

A Psyop is an abbreviation for an Occult Psychological Warfare Operation. The word “occult” simply means hidden or secret knowledge. The globalist elites who control our agencies, governments and corporations are privy to knowledge not shared with humanity, which they use to manipulate and control us. As the name implies, they use psychology in pursuit of their agenda. Psyops are a form of mind control designed to create trauma, fear and a sense of helplessness in the population in order to herd us towards pre-determined goals they wish to implement that humanity would not otherwise accept. There are different kinds of Psyops we will explore here. The names of these Psyops were coined by Mark Passio, who’s body of work I highly recommend.

Demoralization Psyops:

This kind of psychological operation uses repeated trauma on the human population in order to fragment the psyche and cause overwhelm, anxiety, learned helplessness and powerlessness. The Demoralization Psyop is a staple of the global Cabal psychopathic elite controllers. It has been used repeatedly throughout our history to keep humanity in a state of helpless demoralization and dependency. Some examples of this kind of Psyop are wars, poverty and violence.

Wars have historically been created and funded on both sides by the ruling elite in order to remake the geopolitical landscape, enrich themselves while destroying humanity economically, generate orphans to use in their satanic rituals and trafficking and to destabilize the human psyche by creating conditions that remove the basics such as food, shelter and safety. These psychopaths understand that without the basics humans will not be able to develop higher psychological states of self-esteem, self-actualization, problem solving and rise through the developmental milestones that create a responsible adult. Keeping us destabilized and fearful makes humanity helpless and dependent on them.

Poverty is another tool used to enslave us in the same manner. It keeps a human being’s physiological needs and need for safety unstable and hence keeps people stuck in survival. If both parents in a family need to work to provide food and shelter for their family, they will have no time or energy to nurture their children properly and will need to relegate their upbringing to the state, which means they can be molded for easier control right from their earliest years. The most protective and healthy situation for a child is the human family unit. Day care and preschool while necessary in today’s reality, unfortunately ensure children are molded according to guidelines that do not come from their own parents. Poverty keeps humans in survival mode, which prevents the brain from using critical thinking and creativity needed to resolve problems and evolve the self. Poverty is itself a form of violence considering it is artificially created by the Cabal. Our planet has more than enough abundance for all to live comfortably, the inequities in our system are by design. Violence in all its forms is a staple in the globalist playbook, whether it be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual violence or a combination of them. If we pay attention to the timeline of our human history, we can see how common the use of violence is as a daily part of our existence. Violence has destroyed the family unit, communities and countries. This kind of Demoralization Psyop creates long term cultural and social disintegration.

False Flag Psyops:

In these kinds of psychological operations, an event is created and used to harm one’s own population, while framing another as the perpetrator to gain sympathy and foster public backing for retaliation against the perceived enemy. This is a very effective tool due to the fact most people cannot fathom that a government or global leaders would harm their own citizens and lie about it, and yet False Flags have been used continuously throughout history to manipulate the public into supporting nefarious agendas they would otherwise never consent to. An example of a False Flag psychological operation is the destruction of the twin towers in New York City on September 11, 2001. The towers were blown up deliberately by the Cabal (compliments of the CIA) as a ritual sacrifice and blamed on Middle Eastern “terrorists”. This generated fear in the American public, introducing the idea of “terrorism” as a vague and uncontrollable boogeyman that can kill at any moment. The rationale was that they hate our freedom which most bought despite how vague and illogical this reasoning was. The 9-11 False Flag worked and garnered support for invading several Middle Eastern countries in order to steal and appropriate their oil and poppy reserves, create regime change and gain massive profits for elite run mega-corporations involved in the rebuilding.

The Patriot Act, written years before, was passed with ease under the guise “for our safety”. The American public would never have consented to this act-which legalized spying on citizens, harvesting their data and designating them enemy combatants with no due process- without having this act of terror scare them into giving up their rights and freedom in exchange for “safety”. This resulted in the creation of the TSA, now normalizing the idea all humans are potential terrorists and hence must acquiesce to violations of our privacy and the dehumanization of being treated like livestock while fondled by strangers and scanned by radiation poisoning machines just to board an airplane.  In similar vein though on a smaller scale, False Flag shootings were implemented all around the country, many in schools, with the goal of disarming Americans. Some of the shootings were real and included real victims, some were staged, but both were created by our own government in order to move public sentiment in favor of removing the constitutional right to bear arms. Historically countries that disarmed their populace have been overtaken by totalitarian regimes without opposition.

Misinformation Psyops:

This psychological operation works as the name implies, by flooding the populace with false and misleading information in order to achieve an agenda. The advent of the internet and social media renders this Psyop very effective due to it being spread so widely and repeated so often it is taken as truth. One of the tenets of mind control is repetition, psychologically if a lie is repeated often enough, the mind will take it as truth. The Nazi Joseph Goebbels stated “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”. When we factor in the use of fear and propaganda, lies are easily believed.

The misinformation that is spread is emotionally loaded to cause an almost fanatical fervor in the minds of the gullible, who then push the false narrative on others. Misinformation is designed to cause division and deception and leads people to engage in wrong behavior and make choices that cause harm. The idea is to generate confusion, and of course fear and uncertainty, so the person is under duress and will be easily led into whatever agenda the ruling class has for them. This strategy, employed in all False Flags, is to create the problem, anticipate the reaction and present the “solution”- which is the desired outcome. This is also known as the Hegelian Dialectic and is used to achieve agendas that humanity would otherwise reject.

A perfect example is the Covid-19 Psyop. A “virus” is engineered and released by our own global leaders. It is the “problem”-the stated boogeyman. The anticipated reaction is fear, and the solution offered is the real agenda, the biological weapon disguised as a vaccine to “save” us from the “deadly” virus. In truth Covid is also a False Flag Psyop and a Demoralization Psyop as well. The media is used to propagate false information about how contagious and deadly this virus is, and the incessant repetition of these lies is taken as truth by the unsuspecting public.

The use of fear reduces the brain to survival mode and shuts down the pre-frontal cortex nullifying common sense and critical thought. Despite the factual numbers provided by the CDC and other global agencies showed Covid had a 99.8% survival rate and the injection was admittedly gene altering and experimental, many willingly embraced this “solution” that would save them. We know now the vaccine does nothing to prevent transmission and is far more deadly than the disease it purported to prevent. The agenda here is multifaceted. The injection has been shown to degenerate the body and cause neurological, cardiovascular, autoimmune and reproductive disorders as well as cancer and organ failure. Despite these side effects being published by Pfizer itself, many still line up to get themselves and their children jabbed. The data is ignored and the misinformation created a fanatic cult of mind-controlled people who fight the truth when presented to them and remain in willful ignorance. This Psyop is particularly frustrating to those awake to the lie as they watch their fellow humans willingly harm themselves and even attempt to bully others into believing the misinformation.

The Covid Psyop is also a Worldview Psyop in that it seeks to normalize totalitarianism and control of the human body via the medical system. On a less dramatic scale, there have been numerous health Pyops with misinformation about proper nutrition, the use of pharmaceuticals and vaccines and the use of dangerous chemicals in our food, water supply and cosmetics. In general, humanity is deliberately led into choices that reduce health and create illness with misinformation psyops. As an example, the government sponsored food pyramid does not align with proper nutritional needs, and genetically modified foods are marketed as saving humanity from hunger when in fact they are poisonous.

Stand Down Psyops:

This psychological operation is essentially a savior program that leads people to believe someone or something external to themselves will come to their rescue. This Psyop is designed to render people passive and unable to take action to protect themselves or resolve the myriad problems facing humanity. Combined with the Psyops designed to demoralize and render us helpless, the Stand Down Psyops trains people to abdicate responsibility to some other person who is perceived as more capable, or an authority figure who will save them. This keeps people in a state of psychological childhood, looking to a savior and not taking personal responsibility.

Religions and the New Age Program propagate this idea of a savior, whether it be Jesus or ET’s coming to save humanity. Religions also foment division and many wars and atrocities have been justified throughout history based on who’s God is the correct one. In the New Age Program they preach the notion of not looking at anything dark but rather focusing on love and light, which is convenient for the Satanic elite whose acts of evil are therefore ignored and not addressed or stopped. Our acquiescence to their evil is taken by them as implied consent. As Martin Luther King so eloquently said “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it”.

Others view politicians or political parties as their saviors, astonishing in view of the historical evidence to the contrary. This is a Psyop designed to keep humanity “waiting” for a savior and unempowered to take action against evil or wrongdoing. Psychologically humans are rendered infantile and impotent and made unaware of our true power to heal, transform and resolve the problems we face. It is an important Psyop for the elite who are far fewer in number and could not impose their terrorism on us if we stood up and fought back, or at minimum said NO.

A discussion of Stand Down Psyops would not be complete without mentioning the Q psyop. The infamous and mysterious “Q” is another savior, and encourages angry patriots who are aware of Globalist agenda to stand down because someone else, in this case “White Hats” are taking care of it. “Trust the plan” they say, the good guys in the military will save us. The Cabal has traps ready for those at all stages of awareness, many are seduced because Q speaks truth, however this is because those who would follow Q already know these truths. Those unaware do not believe in Q and remain unaffected by the revealing of some truth. The elite psychopaths fear us taking action hence these savior psyops are everywhere.

Worldview Psyops:

This psychological operation is like wallpaper, it is the background, the accepted worldview about how things work. It is the oldest and most employed Psyop, and literally changes the way humanity perceives reality and the human condition. An example of this is the Theory of Evolution-notice it is still being named as a “theory” and cannot be proven. We are told we evolved from primates despite the “missing link” problem where the impossibility of evolutionary change in the time frame described is unexplained. Another confounding fact in the theory of evolution is that primates have 48 chromosomes and we have 46.

An additional example is Germ Theory, initially put forth by Pasteur who on his deathbed admitted he was incorrect. Germ Theory is a convenient boogeyman and of great use by the Cabal in creating fear and generating profit for their medical and pharmaceutical cartels. Illness is an imbalance in the body and its terrain, symptoms are the body’s efforts to heal and viruses are scavengers assisting in the removal of decay and disease much like vultures and scavenging animals dispose of carrion or cockroaches feed upon garbage. The Germ Theory Worldview Psyop also serves to control the population through fear of an external boogeyman and engender the perception we need to be healed by some authority figure whom we must blindly obey in order to get better. This Psyop negates the truth that our own bodies heal themselves and again abdicates responsibility for our health to some external person or drug rather than ourselves and our lifestyle choices. The Cabal then further poisons us with their “medicine” as they keep profiting over keeping us sick. A great example is the Cancer industry, they poison the body with chemotherapy when real cures exist. Big Pharma is not interested in healing, it is not profitable for them.

Another example of a Worldview Psyop is Climate Change. This program is repeated so often it has become a normal part of society and accepted as a given despite ample evidence to the contrary. The insane contradiction in scientific reality is ignored, despite carbon being necessary for plants and trees to exist and being the building block of all life forms including our own bodies, people are convinced it is a boogeyman to be reduced-even at the expense of life itself. For the psychopaths it is a convenient Psyop that allows them to harvest money from countries GDP as well as give them control over humanity with increasingly insane restrictions and taxes imposed. As the Cabal creates food shortages as part of their agenda to genocide humanity, it can conveniently be blamed on Climate Change. Farmers and Ranchers are being told they cannot produce food due to nitrogen emissions and other absurdities tied to this Psyop. Children are indoctrinated in school about Climate Change and demoralized into believing we will all die soon. Nobody seems to notice the dire predictions that began in the late 1960’s never came to fruition- it works every time.

One of the greatest uses of this Worldview Psyop is to create the perception that hierarchy is justified and that wealth and power inequality is normal and should not be challenged or questioned. We are raised in this cult-ture and accept what we are told from birth via the educational, financial, medical and scientific systems as truth. In fact, most of what we are told about our human reality is engineered, false and deliberately harmful to us. Our very history is laden with lies in this Psyop, designed to make us easier to enslave and control. Knowledge is power and truth is freedom, so our very reality is narrowed into a mental prison we are unaware we are within.

We seldom question these ideas when we are raised to believe they are inevitable components of our societies. We are raised to believe in authority and that a hierarchical system of control is necessary for humanity to function and chaos would reign without it. We actually feel it is moral and good despite a belief in authority being a belief in slavery. We have always had a hierarchical system, it used to be kingship and now it is governments, the corporations that own them and global agencies, same situation just a different name. We are told this system is a democracy and given the illusion we choose our leaders. We can liken this human structure to farm animals who graze “freely” while confined inside fences and owned.


While it is useful to break down the various kinds of Psyops, in truth they blend into each other. The psychopathic satanic Cabal uses Psyops in virtually every arena. Weather warfare is a Psyop that encompasses False Flag, Demoralization and Misinformation psychological operations. We are told weather events are due to climate change, and repeatedly traumatized by floods, hurricanes, fires and more-leaving us feeling helpless when in fact these events are engineered to cause destruction and despair. We are battered by violence and poisoned by vaccines, pharmaceuticals, GMO and processed foods, fluoridated water, chemtrails, cell towers and phones among others. Our freedom to think, move, choose our paths, travel, create and more are restricted and this is normalized.

The biggest Psyop of them all is that we live in a free world of our own making. Indeed, our world is a stage and everything is created and executed to push humanity towards the goals of a psychopathic, satanic, pedophilic group of globalist elites who see us as cattle or slaves and themselves as superior beings with special bloodlines. They want us to worship them as gods- they consider humanity inferior and stupid. Their agenda for this time in history was to genocide about 90% of us and enslave the rest in a totalitarian one world unelected global government with a social credit system like China’s but on steroids- complete with digital currency and a vaccine passport with perpetual injections of gene altering and trans-humanizing pharmaceuticals. Their agenda includes destroying the family unit, normalizing pedophilia, growing children in artificial wombs and androgenizing people into genderless zombies that fully comply with their authority. The problem with the majority of humanity understanding these Psyops is that they cannot fathom the extent of evil that exists on this planet. Most believe governments, militaries and global agencies are there for the benefit of the people.

Much like an abused child cannot see his parents as bad and hence does psychological maneuvers to deny what is occurring, so does the collective. Just as trauma creates dissociation in an individual, it does in the collective, hence we never seem to learn from history. Psyops are the lifeblood of the planetary control structure and are used to create a fictitious reality matrix to enslave, abuse and control billions of people by a relatively small group of psychopathic controllers who create the game we play within. Their version has been a hell on earth as their god is Lucifer and their game one of exploitation, harvesting and enslavement. They are part of a death cult and creating suffering and destruction is part of their religion.

Understanding Psyops is important in freeing ourselves. To start, each of us must do our shadow work and remove the traumas and distorted beliefs that keep us powerless and manipulated. As we shed the layers of trauma and the entrapment of our conditioned minds, we automatically rise into higher versions of ourselves. We have a connection to God/Source/Creator/Light whatever we want to call it, which has been deliberately disconnected by a variety of means. When we restore that connection, we become empowered to join others in making the sorely needed changes on our planet. When we do our shadow work and know all of ourselves, we can choose our behaviors rather than react to the events created for us. When we clear our wounding and subconscious beliefs that keep us powerless and small, we grow into adulthood and know we are responsible for ourselves, each other and all life on our planet.

Doing our inner work raises our consciousness, as does seeking knowledge, processing it and then using that knowledge to create solutions. It is our responsibility to seek truth as well as to share it with others, we want as many of us joining together as possible to co-create new ways forward for all. Healing our inner wounded parts allows us to shed the chains that keep us enslaved. Cultivating a connection to our higher selves or higher power enables us to increase our consciousness and become the highest version of ourselves possible. If we all do this, we are unstoppable in our ability to effect change. When our hearts open and our minds are connected with our higher selves we are in our power and creativity, and solving the ills wrought upon us becomes very doable. We are at a pivotal time in our history and have an opportunity to create a new reality that benefits us all. Understanding that a small group of psychopathic beings have used Psyops to hijack our reality and put in a multipronged effort to keep us sick, unconscious, traumatized and impotent is important and the first step to freeing ourselves. Keep in mind how much deception and control has been exerted to keep us enslaved, this shows us just how powerful we are that such a huge effort was necessary. Despite so much trauma and horror inflicted upon us as a human race, we still love our children and each other and are good people. I hope understanding Psyops can help us all see where we have been and where we want to be in our future. It is up to each one of us.


  • Max Lowen

    Welcome to my website Unbroken. My name is Max and my vision is to help people heal and raise their consciousness so we can unite with others and co-create a new way forward. I aim to spread the truth about the hidden agendas in our world via interviews and the written word. We need to understand the forces that shape our reality so we can choose to rise above the psychological chains that bind us. We have all been broken in one way or another, let’s unbreak ourselves and our world and live in love, balance and abundance as we move beyond our conditioning and rise to our fullest potential. https://unbroken.global/

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