Shadow work or Inner work consists of healing and integrating our traumas, subconscious programming and shadow parts in order to rise above our limitations and become united with our higher selves.

Life on this planet has been inverted, distorted and poisoned by dark forces and none of us emerges into adulthood without wounds. We are not able to reach our highest potential or be free internally until we have seen all of ourselves, healed the broken parts, forgiven ourselves and integrated all of our parts into a coherent whole.
Trauma fragments us and robs us of our power and ability to reside in the present moment.

We become reactive and easily triggered due to the unhealed wounds inside us. When we heal and integrate, nothing in the external reality will trigger us anymore, which is freedom. We can also use being triggered to heal, as what causes us to react is a clue to the internal traumas we carry. If each time we are triggered we use the experience to do our inner work, we can integrate our shadows, release the traumas, emotions and beliefs that keep us stuck. We can then rise through the soul milestones and achieve internal coherence, freedom and knowing.

We are multidimensional beings, and the dark forces on this planet have kept us imprisoned on the lower planes, as their greatest fear is that we remember who we truly are. As we do our inner work and integrate our shadows, we recover our true shape, our inner abilities and organic technology open up and become available to us. We exist in a body here on the physical plane, but we possess many other bodies in higher dimensions such as our energy body, etheric body, astral bodies and from there we move through the higher mental planes. The pinnacle of our evolution here on Midgard earth is achieving our Godhood. There are other levels of growth on Galactic, Universal and other levels, as our souls never cease growth and learning, even as we are simultaneously all knowing and part of Source at our core.

Making the choice to do our inner/shadow work is a necessary step to inner freedom, to our true power and abilities and to creating a new way forward collectively. We cannot clean up the outer “garbage” on our planet until we clean up our inner world. We absolutely have the power to bring light back into our vessels and planet and in doing so nullify the dark agendas and co-create heaven on earth to replace the hell reality we have been enslaved in for thousands of years.

Though we have been oppressed, deceived, harmed and harvested, we can rise out of the matrix and thrive through doing our inner and shadow work, it is the path to freedom and well-being. Becoming responsible for ourselves and our planet is the solution to our current suffering and demise and the way forward into a new earth where all contribute and thrive. There are no saviors, we are the ones who are responsible for our evolution and soul development. Shadow and inner work is the path to our evolution and awakening.


  • Max Lowen

    Welcome to my website Unbroken. My name is Max and my vision is to help people heal and raise their consciousness so we can unite with others and co-create a new way forward. I aim to spread the truth about the hidden agendas in our world via interviews and the written word. We need to understand the forces that shape our reality so we can choose to rise above the psychological chains that bind us. We have all been broken in one way or another, let’s unbreak ourselves and our world and live in love, balance and abundance as we move beyond our conditioning and rise to our fullest potential.

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